Opensense OVM²

Opensense OVM² is a microservices-ready solution comprised of tools and APIs which can be integrated into OpenVMS servers. OVM² makes it possible to open up new channels of interaction with legacy systems, and facilitates the development of new applications in record times.

Oracle RDB Connectors

The OVM² solution can be used to interact directly with Oracle Rdb databases and execute synchronous and asynchronous queries whose results are easily exportable to other external DB engines.

While retaining Oracle Rdb security paradigms, OVM² offers a simplified web execution interface allowing engineers to execute their queries with great simplicity and to consult the results of previous operations.

Finally, OVM² is able to convert Oracle Rdb data into JSON / NoSQL repositories or into exports in Excel or PDF format, etc.

File management

OVM² can be used to import and export files to OpenVMS systems, by overcoming difficulties related to native file system specificities.

With OVM², a simple web interface can be used to consult and upload files to OpenVMS. OVM² conserves auditing trails for operations on file systems on long-lasting media.

The OVM² file connector can also be used via outwardly open APIs, enabling other external applications to easily perform new automated processes.

Event Streaming & Alerting

The OVM² connectors are able to produce real-time event flows and exchange messages with external applications such as IBM WebsphereMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc.


OVM² also integrates special alert functions, which can be used to quickly pass on key information on critical events, transmittable via specific channels.

Finally, the long-term storage of OVM² events and the addition of metadata make it possible to transmit event flows and create real externalised audit trails, which can easily be consulted and exploited by other third-party applications.