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Financial institutions now need to rapidly invest in modern financial systems to automate and simplify their operations while implementing easily new regulations.

Such systems already exists : Amazon deploys a software improvement every second of the day. But yet, they need to coexist with your legacy systems.

Opensense allows you to migrate, enhance or transform your core financial applications and processes, while profiting by years of investments in your legacy.

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Legacy Modernization

Opensense offers to financial organizations, solutions meeting their modernization needs through a comprehensive offering.

Deploy a modern, open and flexible infrastructure with every functionalities optimised for change.

Open up your legacy systems and make them communicate with the modern world.

Build very modular business tools with native integration of regulations, so that compliance is no longer a cost.

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Corporate Actions

Opensense provides a set of automated business processes for corporate actions:

  • Accelerate and simplify your CA operations
  • No longer miss messages such as announcements
  • Multi-sources scrubbing + alerting + scoring
  • Framework to track, review and manage tasks
  • Interconnect easier, faster – our solutions are open!

The Opensense CA solution use the latest open-source technologies and are fully microservices-ready.

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