Opensense Banking Microservices Factory

Opensense provides expert solutions for flexible banking infrastructures, and implements the latest technologies to deploy your large-scale services and facilitate interconnection of the systems in place with your new value chains.

Event Streaming & Processing

Opensense deploys powerful event communication engines which enable your services to communicate in real time, second by second, with thousands of stakeholders simultaneously.

The business application processing chains are divided into microservices, with strict isolation of execution and data storage contexts.

Using supervision technologies, event cascades, and “exactly-once” processing, Opensense ensures that your processing results and sequences are never lost, and provides guaranteed tracking of
interconnected transactions.

Service Scalability, Replication and Resilience

Opensense boosts the execution of your critical processes, by parallelising the execution of your processing chains and facilitating the deployment of new processing agents in response to peaks of activity.

Opensense technologies for the banking Cloud ensure detection of failures and processing issues, and relaunch defective services immediately and automatically, at all other points in your cluster.

Specific chains for handling anomalies can be set up, with custom user-interaction modules, facilitating the processing and monitoring of operations by various organisational units.

Security & Reduction of Operational Risks

With long-term retention and event-replay functionalities, Opensense accelerates tests and restorations, and standardises the conservation of audit trails.

Offering native replication and multi-site scalability, Opensense event streaming agents safeguard the security of your application data and offer compliance with the most stringent operational risk management policies.

Opensense cloud solutions can benefit from your existing registry services, or be adapted to various access and identity management constraints.